HELP! My Christian Marriage Is Falling Apart!

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This may seem like a surprising question, but in the age we are living in, it is a most relevant question that needs to be answered!

What about Bible-believing Christians? Can they answer this question?

Statistics show that 50% of ALL marriages in the United States end in divorce or legal separation—and that includes CHRISTIAN MARRIAGES!

What exactly is going on here?

What is going on is that most couples, including Christian couples, cannot give a Biblical definition of marriage. Ignorance of what marriage is, and what God intended for marriage, leads to misunderstandings, conflicts— and the seemingly inevitable dissolution of the relationship.

What to do?

This short booklet will provide you with a clear Biblical definition of marriage. It will also give you an outline as to how to handle conflicts that arise in all marriages from a sound Biblical perspective. You will learn that major conflicts in your Christian marriage can indeed be dealt with, or even avoided, if we simply obey and apply the Word of God.

This booklet may just be the emergency manual you are looking for to save your marriage!