Theology You Can Really Understand!

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SO YOU WANT TO LEARN ALL YOU CAN ABOUT THEOLOGY, BUT FIND MOST OF THE BOOKS ON THE MARKET A BIT TOO TECHNICAL AND RATHER CONFUSING? HAVE YOU BEEN HOPING FOR A RESOURCE THAT CAN EXPLAIN COMPLICATED THEOLOGICAL ISSUES IN A WAY THAT IS THOROUGH YET EASY TO UNDERSTAND? THEN THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU! Renowned author Dr. Jay Adams, the father of the contemporary Biblical counseling movement, has created a book that delves into some of the most complex theological issues facing Christians today and throughout the ages and does so with his own unique style and flare. Using short essays and the Socratic question and answer method, Dr. Adams answers your most probing questions in a succinct and breezy style with lots of humor, too! Not only will you be learning theology, but you will actually be enjoying it too! This book will become an important resource for you, your family and your church. Don t be puzzled, read THEOLOGY YOU CAN REALLY UNDERSTAND!