Two Things You Must Do To Be Saved

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The purpose of this book is to help you communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ clearly, accurately and more effectively with others. It is not intended as a Gospel tract, but as a tool for you to be more proficient as an ambassador for Christ and His Kingdom. While it is quite fine to use this book as an evangelistic study, it is more accurate to say that this book is a study guide for those who want to be evangelists. As such, it will help you to be more accurate in your approach to presenting Gospel truth to the unsaved and perhaps give more clarity to those who are saved, but have trouble articulating what it means to be saved. This book will be absolutely invaluable to pastor and layperson alike, both now and in the future, since these eternal verities never change. With Biblical ignorance being epidemic, both in the secular world and among those in the church, this is a timely book that will be essential for the work of true evangelism!