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Peter Jeffery is one of the clearest and ablest expounders of God's truth alive today. His books have circled the globe and been translated into several languages.

This book is intended to explain and apply the book of Ephesians for those in the formative years of their Christian life. Perfect for High School and College age Sunday School classes, New Believer's Sunday School, Bible Studies or personal study, it has several challenging questions following each chapter, plus a Digging Deeper section for those eager to search the Bible more thoroughly.

"When I hear the name Peter Jeffery, I immediately think of the author who is known for his ability to put profound biblical truth in readable, understandable and memorable language. That ability is on display again in this volume as Mr. Jeffery explains both the sublime doctrine and the practical instruction of the apostle Paul in his letter to the Ephesians. The young people for whom this volume is intended will find Peter Jeffery's clear and perceptive style much to their liking. They are certain to come away from their reading of it with a greater understanding of the glory of salvation and with firm determination to live more for the glory of the One who graciously provided it." - Roger Ellsworth


The Author's Preface

Introduction to this Series

How to Get the Most out of this Book

Summary of Ephesians

1. A Fanfare of Truth

2. Prayer for Fellow Believers

3. By Grace Through Faith

4. One in Christ

5. The Mystery Revealed

6. Prayer for Spiritual Strengthening

7. Unity, Diversity and Effort

8. A Changed Life

9. Walk in Love, Light and Wisdom

10. Spirit Filled Relationships

11. The Armor of God

12. Ultimate Victory in Christ